Goodbye, Nedra.

Araberara Nedra Gaunera

Nedra left her friend Alessandra on Saturday. She had the life that every dog would like to have.
I’m grateful to Alessandra for giving her this opportunity.
Fly free sweet Nedra.

This entry was posted on 22 June 2017, in veterans.

Araberara “Z”, the 21th litter.

Araberara Zizzania, 45 days old. By ch. it lux Araberara Pighes and Nightwig’s Conflict USA (imp U.S.)

My adventure in Irish Wolfhounds began almost 30 years ago, with ch it Lobelia del Solengo. After 21 litters now I finish the italian alphabet.

Any new litter brings me back to the joy and the amazement of my first litter.

Welcome to the world, Zizzania. Do you want to play with me?

Arabera Picial, aka Brando.

Araberara Picial, 5 y.o. owner Patrizia Bina.

In the local dialect Picial means Sparrow. It’s funny for this monumental male, weighing more than 198 pounds.