Araberara Nebla

Happy birthday, Nebla!

Our lovely Nebla, italian champion and rcacib at wds in Paris, has her 10th birthday.

Happy birthday dear Nebla!

Araberara Nebla, best of breed. So she finished the Italian championship.

araberara nebla

Sunday 4th of March, Nebla finished her Italian championship thanks to the “Best of Breed” at the International and Specialty show, in Gonzaga.
Nebla, 5 years old, took part to a limited number of shows.
With this winning, togheter with the reserve of the title at the World championship in Paris, she has closed her show career.

World Dog Show, in Paris: success of Nebla.

Araberara Nebla

Who would miss a Dog Show in Paris?
Nebla achieved the podium as 2.nd Best Bitch after Absolute Rohan Inish, the beautiful Bohemian female, bred and handled by Petra Tomasovicova, who then won the title as Best Sighthound Group.