Araberara Telchì

NDS Monza

Araberara Telchì, 2 y.o. at his debut on a show contest obtain the BOB and Best of Group.

Thanks to the owners, the Milanis, and to the handler Iwonna Salak.

Araberara Vanvera support her bigbro. On the pic with her new owner Stefano Pianezzola.

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All Telchì health checks.

Araberara Telchì
Araberara Telchì ( Nighwing’s Inferno x ch it Araberara Pina ), 2 y.o.

Telchì is a son of Nightwing’s Inferno, bred in Minnesota by Joel Mattson.

His owners, the Milanis, has done a great job with this young, happy and active giant.

PPSS (Primary Porto Sistemic Shunt) free

Heart 0 point (September 2016)

Eyes disease free (September 2016)

HD A (January 2017)

ED 0 (January 2017)

Tyroid disease free

DNA depositated in Italy

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