A new Araberara litter was born.

We’re proud to announce the new Araberara litter.

Both the parents are checked free of heart diseases.

Puppies will be checked for PPSS, heart and eyes diseases.

They’re going to be ready on the end of April.

Pina is a champion.

photo Guido Gubernati
photo Guido Gubernati

Pina obtained the last CAC to finish the Italian Championship, under the leash of Gaia Danesi.

judge mrs Ahlman-Stockmari Tanya, specialist of the breed.


Genova to us

La Pina and Iwonna in Genova
La Pina and Iwonna in Genova

The brood bitches: the treasure of the breeding.

Araberara Pina, 2012. C.O.I. 9,6% on 10 generations, by Wright coefficient.

On the background of Pina there are 5 generations of Araberara bitches. Five strong and elegant females, all very similar, which have in common good costructions and nice profiles. They have also in common a longevity higher than the breed average. Here below a table show the maternal tail (pink column), on the side of each female (light blue column)  there is the male used on her.

Pina’s Female Tail- Line


DamDam’s mate
1Araberara Orpola

2010 IC: 21,6 %

I ch Eragon della Bassa Pavese

2011 IC 14,6%

2I Slo ch Araberara Legressa EIWC W 04

2005-2013 IC 12,1%

Araberara Indrei

2004-2012 IC 12,7%

3I HR ch Araberara Hibra Euro W -07

2002-2010 IC 8,8%

(Conchobar) Cerbero Euro W 05

2002-2009 IC 9,1%

4I ch Araberara Ciacola

1999-2009 IC 11,3%

S ch Keltairs Conquistator

2000 – 2005 IC 15,6%

5(Araberara) Bacara

1997-2008 IC 11,9%

Int Usa D I CH VDH A PL RSM SLO ch Pitlochry’s Lancelot Euro W-99 & 00

1997 – 2006 IC 14,5 %

IC % calculated on 10 generations by Wright coefficent Copyright © 2009 – 2015 The Nana Pedigree Database Program – Martha Ryan, All Rights Reserved.

La Pina ! Vice world champion.

Pina at word dog showAfter ch ir Araberara Nebla, who was vice world champion in Paris, even Pina obtains the same result in Milan.

Thanks to her handler Iwonna Salak.


pighes–wdsch it Araberara Pighes, excellent in champion class.