Bologna sighthounds Specialty

A. Berlich @ 18 ms

At Reggio Emilia IDS, Sighthound Specialty, under the leash of Iwonna Salak (our “I” factor), Mr Rudi Brandy judging, Berlich achieved CAC Cacib BOB.

Led by Corrado he later obtained the third place in the group.

European winner 2022, in Paris.

Corrado and Berlich
The 2022 European Championship has just conclused in Paris. Berlich,9 months, handled by his owner Corrado Villa, showed up at his very first show and was twice the best youngster, winning the title of European Winner.


Araberara Berlich, irish wolfhound puppy male
Araberara Berlich, 5 ms 1/2.

In U.S. Berlich is a surname, but in my town, Bergamo, is a little devil who enjoy playing tricks. “You’re really a berlich ” says the granpa to a particularly lively nephew. Corrado says his Berlich is really a checky funny boy, always busy tyrannizing Rodolfo, his patient big French bro.

A new litter was born at Araberara.