Gonzaga IDS

Araberara Berlich, irish wolfhound male.

Araberara Berlich again on the podium, at the Gonzaga international show, handled by Alex Riva. Once again BOB and second in group X, judge arch. Alberto Marangoni. Congratulations to owner Corrado Villa and his Arkham Abra Kadabra, bred by Alex Riva and making his ring debut in junior class. Abra is a puppy with great promise.

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Bologna, Latino winner. Berlich on the podium again.

True to our choice to present even our best subjects at a limited number of shows, we are in Bologna only one of three international shows, among the few still able to attract a significant number of dogs.
Once again Berlich does not disappoint us, and presented by Iwonna Salak, judge De Giuliani, he gets the BOB.
Presented by Alex Riva in the ring of honor he gets second place. Corrado Villa, Berlich’s owner, is doing a great job, with this giant!

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Pompadour, sighthound Specialty.

This day was really exciting for many different reasons. It has been quite some time since I have found it so interesting to attend exhibitions, and it was Corrado who dragged Iwonna and me to Pompadour, France.
The small town is the kingdom of equestrianism and riding, with a fairy-tale castle and stables. Every year the various French clubs that protect greyhound breeds corganize one of the most important and well-attended gatherings in Europe here.
This year’s breed judge was Mrs.Petra Tomasovicova, a historic breeder , who came from Ireland and chose Berlich as her best of breed.
The BIS was entrusted to Mr. Alain Dumortier from France. Led by Iwonna, Berlich was third in the BIS. For me, Corrado and Iwonna a great satisfaction.

photo Claire Honorin

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Pighes’ new litter is made in Arkham

I am very proud of this new litter daughter of A. Pighes and Rockhart Mistress of the dark, born in Langhirano at the Riva home, from a beautiful female imported by Alex Riva and Ottavia Morelli from Minnesota.
Alex and Ottavia are laying the foundation of their breeding and doing it with much care and attention.
After the first excellent litter, they are acquiring my bloodlines with this second one.
The Pighes legacy could not be better.

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