No exhibitions in the summer, for Araberara. The heat is excessive for safe Irish wolfhound transport and exhibition. In the meantime I try to teach Amoturna to stay for a few moments. It's not easy: every butterfly, bee, blackbird are an exciting source of distraction.

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Ornago IDS

ch it Araberara Telchì (Nightwing’s Inferno x ch Araberara Pina)

Yesterday, at the International Dog Show in Ornago, ch Araberara Telchi obtained Best of Breed and the 2nd place on the sighthound Group.

Handler Iwonna Salak owners Franco and Mare MIlani

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FIWC 2018 Le Touquet

ch it A. Querelle 3rd in a open class of 40 bitches.

Araberara Telchì, handler Morgane Monfort.
photo courtesy Claire Alfonso Redaelli

Every two years the Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs organizes a meeting that gathers breeders and enthusiasts from all over the world, every time in a different European location.

This year the show was held in France, in Le Touquet and was attended by 210 Irish Wolfhounds.

Present two Araberara subjects: ch it A. Querelle,  daughter of ch Eragon of the Bassa Pavese x ch Araberara Nelba and Araberara Telchì a young male son of Nightwing’s Inferno (U.S.) and ch Araberara Pina, owner Franco Milani.

Querelle got an exciting third place in a class of 40 females, repeating the result of the last FIWC show edition when she was third on over 50 females. Telchì, handled by Morgane Monfort, has obtained an excellent, well placed in a class of 30 males.

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