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Gonzaga IDS

Araberara Berlich, irish wolfhound male.

Araberara Berlich again on the podium, at the Gonzaga international show, handled by Alex Riva. Once again BOB and second in group X, judge arch. Alberto Marangoni. Congratulations to owner Corrado Villa and his Arkham Abra Kadabra, bred by Alex Riva and making his ring debut in junior class. Abra is a puppy with great promise.

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Araberara Berlich, irish wolfhound puppy male
Araberara Berlich, 5 ms 1/2.

In U.S. Berlich is a surname, but in my town, Bergamo, is a little devil who enjoy playing tricks. “You’re really a berlich ” says the granpa to a particularly lively nephew. Corrado says his Berlich is really a checky funny boy, always busy tyrannizing Rodolfo, his patient big French bro.

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