All the health tests of Pighes

ch it Int Araberara Pighes, here on the Cruft’s show ground. Ow Carlotta Beretta. Handler Gaia Danesi

Pighes ha recently finished his annual health check to add them to every Araberara puppy’s tests.

PPSS (Primary Porto Sistemic Shunt) free

Heart 0 point (September 2016)

Eyes disease free (September 2016)

HD A (January 2017)

ED 0 (January 2017)

Tyroid disease free

DNA depositated in Italy e U.S.

Registered  AKC

Semen stored in Italy e Germany.

Congrats to the owners Edgardo Fiocchi and Carlotta Beretta who raised, brought up and kept in show condition him.